Missing: Opinions

Sometimes I think I’m a little bit defective. Something was just left out of me. Most people seem to have opinions in abundance – not just opinions, either. STRONG opinions. Outrage and adoration and passionate beliefs. I just… don’t. Not like others. It’s not that I don’t disagree with people. It’s just that I don’t care so much about the disagreement that I’m motivated to rant or argue or make speeches. The background clatter of right and wrong and OPINIONS just makes me feel old and exhausted. So, today I’m grateful for peace. Just a quiet space to be calm in. I’m grateful for my house, on a quiet dead end shielded from the main road, with unobtrusive neighbours and big trees behind it. It’s a good place.

This week I finished creating a lookup tool for someone at work. It wasn’t as fancy as I wanted to make it, but it’ll be helpful to the people who need it. That’s a good thing. I like making things that help to make my colleague’s jobs a little easier.

I’m sure good things happened this week – it wasn’t a bad week – but I’m struggling to think of one specific good thing. I know! The sun came out, and I drove home on Friday evening through bright afternoon sunshine, with the vivid yellow of canola flowers on one side of the road and the deep green blades of some other crop on the other, all under blue sky decorated with drifts of puffy rounded clouds bottomed in grey and topped in white. Home to my house, and a little bit of calm.

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One Response to Missing: Opinions

  1. What a beautiful blog. So proud that you still focused on the positives. Your description of your drive home made me smile. I think not having a ‘super strong’ opinion just makes you likeable and easy going – nothing wrong with that xx

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