Bosco, our nice-but-dim Russian Blue, has become a scavenger.

Background on our cats: they’re indoor cats, going outside on occasion when we’re around to keep an eye on them.  They eat cat biscuits and sometimes wet meat (Bosco particularly likes wet meat & has it in the evening, but sometimes Roswell decides she’s going to share), but generally won’t touch anything else.  Okay, I do have to watch Ros if there’s freshly baked chocolate cake on the bench and she is fond of sharing a packet of crisps with me (any flavour – she’s recently taken to salt & vinegar), but Bosco was pretty much a cat biscuits, brewer’s yeast treats and a little bit of cheese animal until quite recently.

Now he’s a scavenger.

He begs scraps when I’m cooking, regardless of whether it’s carrots or steak that I’m cutting up.  He snaffles pizza toppings that fall on the floor – the sweetcorn gave him some trouble, as it kept flicking off his tongue and bouncing away, but he got it under control eventually.  We really didn’t expect him to consume the pineapple, but he did.  He’s crazy about ham, to the extent that DJ has started teaching him a new trick – walking backwards on 2 feet – which he will perform quite readily AS LONG AS THERE’S HAM for a reward.  Salami, my leftover cereal, milk we’ve put out for Ros – he’ll consume whatever he can lay his teeth on.

While it’s entertaining, there’s a downside to a cat eating a wide & varied diet.  Particularly an indoor cat.  That downside is the kitty litter box.  It aint fun.  And on the weekend, Bosco was outside with us while we were gardening when he suddenly realised he needed to go.  The kitty litter is indoors, up two flights of stairs, so he decided he couldn’t make it and would relieve himself in the freshly-dug garden instead.  That, my friends, was one disgraceful, reeking mess the likes of which I hope never to see – or smell – again.  After gingerly disposing of the evidence into a deep hole with the shovel, it was decided that Bosco would be on a strict cat food only diet henceforth.   No more ham.

Roswell is unhappy about this, as she’s accustomed to having a little bit of milk in the evenings but we’re not taking the risk that Bosco will finish it off for her.

The wrap up for the last week, then:

I’m grateful that my dear and wonderful husband cleans the kitty litter box.

I got half my collection of plants into the ground (carefully avoiding the disposal site), and I’m happy about that.

A good thing that happened… well, my delivery from Lush came yesterday!  So I had a very nice pink candy-smelling bath in the evening, which Bosco was firmly discouraged from drinking out of.

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2 Responses to Scavenger

  1. this blog makes me smile 🙂 hahaha Bosco – what a naughty one! I hope he stops scavenging soon! LUSH is my FAVOURITE for bath bombs and the pink ones always smell the nicest. I’m so glad you were able to enjoy xxx

    • eptima says:

      I looove Lush – one opened in Adelaide YEARS ago while I was at Uni. I was so sad when it closed, because I didn’t realise it was part of a chain! I thought it was the only one! I’m currently addicted to Glogg, which I wash my hair with (it doesn’t make me itchy like a lot of shampoos do). I have to stock up on it at Christmas time, though, because that’s the only time they sell it!

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